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The Digital Pack-rat: My Computer Crash HEEEEELP! (Part 1)


Over Two Weeks Ago I had the pleasure of watching my Apple MacBook go boom! Yes, it crashed but  as I have been writing you have to make sure all of that data is backed up. Well thank the Lord I have two portable (500 gig & 1 TB) hard drives and a HP desktop PC that saved by bacon! But what did I loose well for those of you who must know here it is

1. My Documents Folder minus one sub-folder which is on the church server
2. Some downloaded videos
3. A New Program installer that I just got that day
4. Some photos I used in a home movie but they are all backed up or on Facebook
5. My Backgrounds, really not a big deal they can be found again on the net

so all in all about 2 gigs worth out of a 120 gig hard drive.

So what do you do now? Well as a guy who knows a little about computers (I don’t ever claim to be an expert) I did what all good people do but first lets look at the back story of what happend

I was at church on my usual Thursday afternoon at Durham House of Prayer (DHOP) I was in the middle of some downloads, converting avi files to mp4 and working on editing a sermon when all of a sudden my MacBook froze so like all good users I held down the power button and it shut off. Well that would be the last time I ever got it up and running again.

So I called my Mac expert and good friend Ron and he told me what to do. Well that did not work worth any thing. What he told me to do what hold down the C key and it would boot off the factory CD and that would boot the diagnostic program that would help me get the hard drive running. Well the CD Rom spit out the CD and came up with a folder that had a question mark on it. Well that was the end of that.

So I left early from DHOP not feeling well and when I got home lied on my bed and called Apple. Well after some chatting and diagnostics we determined that the Hard Drive was dead. I assumed this when all you could hear is a tick tick tick when it booted.

So in the next article I will explain in two different ways how to correct and fix this problem.

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Matthew is the Founder of MJSiebolt and Owner of MJSiebolt Productions, a consulting company specializing in video content creation, website design and computer repair. if you wish to contact me please do so via Twitter.
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