Meet MJSiebolt

My name is Matthew Dykstra and I am a YouTube hobbyist & website designer turned pro. I work from my hometown; Oshawa, Ontario, Canada where I was born and raised.

How I Got Here

For most of my life I was sure that I wanted to go to Bible College. That changed in high school when I discovered my love for computers and computer related technology putting that to work in my community. I designed websites for some of our local non-profit groups, which included our Santa Claus Parade, Farmers Market, and Friends of Memorial Park.

But this was not the end of it. While volunteering for my local church, I discovered YouTube. This led me to ways of using  technology in the ministry. Before long I was live streaming our Young adult services plus working with the pastors to design websites for the Junior High and Senior High Young People groups and for Young Adults.

After seven years I decided it was time to move into this full time. As of 2013, I began to make this a full-time occupation. I am now working with our local community groups to help get their videos and websites in tip top shape.

What I Do

I started a consulting company called MJSiebolt Productions and we are in the business of website design and video production. I am very passionate about taking your company to it fullest online potential.

The companies that will choose MJSiebolt Productions are the ones who know that they need an online and WordPress website & social media presence. Here at MJSiebolt Productions we will do our best to make that possible. There is no better way to do that then to have an original looking website with original video content. Most of today’s generation is looking for quick, easy to follow information about you and your brand. Having a great website speaks volumes, but having original video content will take your website to the next level.

Current Projects

As of January 2017
MJSiebolt Productions manages 7 YouTube Channels and is working on a new website with Life Church Oshawa and manages the websites of Their Opportunity with a design team, Oma’s Kitchen and Lilly and Ivy’s World. Every Sunday MJSiebolt Productions live streams the service from Life Church Oshawa, Please come join us at 10:45 am!

Why Should You Come Aboard
With MJSiebolt Productions

Web, Video, and Social Media isn’t just something we do, it is our passion. No matter the size of your business, MJSiebolt Productions will take your brand to the next level. Having an online presence is almost a must in this day and age, and we want to show you how to get that done.

For more information, go to my website at www.mjsiebolt.tv and click on our “Meet MJSiebolt” link or see my Facebook page or YouTube channel. Check back often as I am constantly updating and/or adding about myself, my work or my family and friends. You keep watching while I keep producing. 

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If You would like to contact MJSiebolt please fill out the form below and MJSiebolt will get back to you as soon as he can. For all of our social media links please click here

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Matthew is the Founder of MJSiebolt and Owner of MJSiebolt Productions, a consulting company specializing in video content creation, website design and computer repair. if you wish to contact me please do so via Twitter.
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