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DailyBooth is Shutting Down

Dailybooth, the web-based photo-sharing site will, as of today (Nov. 14) no longer upload users’ pictures. The site will be shut down completely Dec. 31.

Users have until the end of this year to download their data before it is permanently deleted.

Once on the correct webpage, users must login to their accounts and click the ‘create archive’ button. Once the archive has been created, click download.

According to an e-mail sent out to its users, Dailybooth says it is “no longer feasible” to keep the website running.

There had been rumors that the e-mail is a hoax because it was addressed to Username, rather than to the actual user. Also, the site’s blog appeared to be the victim of a hack.

The Next Web, however, was in touch with the company, which confirmed the shutdown.

The popularity of Instagram may have played a role in Dailybooth’s impending departure — but a small role.

The team behind Dailybooth — as well as the Batch app team — was acquired by Airbnb in July. (Con’t Click Read More and To See Videos)

Batch, a mobile photo sharing app, shut down Oct. 31. It allowed users to create albums and share them on Facebook, Twitter and by e-mail.

“Just over a year ago we launched batch, and the time has come for us to shut down the service,” the Batch team said in an online goodbye.

All data was permanently deleted from the site as of Nov. 8.

Airbnb, according to its website, is an online service that matches people looking for vacation rentals and other short-term accommodations with those who have a space to rent.

The site, founded in 2008, had grown to more than 200,000 listings in more than 26,000 cities in 192 countries by July of this year. The site has more than one million hosts and travellers on its platform.

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